Dreaming not streaming (Thought for the Day)

Streaming instead of dreaming, went the headline that caught my eye this week Using phones or tablets before bedtime, it said, is stopping kids from sleeping A series of research exercises suggests that young people who use electronic devices around bedtime are twice as likely to have inadequate sleep and three times more likely to feel drowsy the next day Even having one in the room and... Read more

A conversation with Rabbi Sacks for CBC Radio’s Tapestry

In this feature interview for Tapestry with Mary Hynes, CBC Radio’s (Canada) weekly programme about spirituality and the search for meaning, … Read more

“Religion is not a threat” – Rabbi Sacks in conversation with Father Raymond de Souza at Cardus

The world, it seems, might be better off without religion. Witness the horrific violence of the Islamic State, or look … Read more