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Morality matters more than ever in a world divided by fear and faithlessness

What happens to national identity when everything holding a nation together disintegrates or disappears? What happens to society when the focus of a culture is on the self and its icon, the “selfie”? What happens when Google filters and Facebook friends divide us into non-communicating sects of the like-minded? And what happens to morality when the mantra is no longer “We’re all in this together”, but rather “I’m free to be myself”? Read more...

Rabbi Sacks to present BBC Radio 4 series on ‘Morality in the 21st Century’

Radio 4 will explore morality in the 21st century with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, who presents a series of five … Read more

We must use God’s gifts to lessen the suffering of humankind (Thought for the Day)

I couldn’t help but notice the headline in yesterday’s paper: “Losing your religion can be seriously good for your wealth.” … Read more