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You can handle change because you have a map of values that don’t change (Thought for the Day)

I’ve just come back from the trip of a lifetime, from the Galapagos Islands where the young Charles Darwin had his first intuition of natural section and the origin of species, and Machu Picchu, the almost perfectly preserved ruins of an Inca citadel set high in the Peruvian mountains.  And it was strange to hear from so far away of the political turmoil happening in Britain these past few weeks. Was there, I wondered, some insight to be gained from that kind of distance? Read more...

Descartes’ Error (Chukat 5777)

In his recent bestseller, The Social Animal, New York Times columnist David Brooks writes: We are living in the middle of … Read more

Never forget how we, so small, are blessed to be part of a universe so great (Thought for the Day)

I was riveted by a television program this week called The Day the Dinosaurs Died. It was about a team … Read more