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Never forget how we, so small, are blessed to be part of a universe so great (Thought for the Day)

I was riveted by a television program this week called The Day the Dinosaurs Died. It was about a team of scientists who’ve been drilling deep into the rock beneath the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico at the precise point where a 9 mile wide asteroid crashed into the Earth 66 million years ago with an impact equal to ten billion Hiroshima atomic bombs. The result was a dense cloud of sulphur that plunged the planet into a global winter, killing the dinosaurs and causing the greatest mass extinction in history. The result was space for small mammals to flourish, including eventually Homo sapiens, i.e. us. Read more...

Togetherness is good for the body, not just the soul (Thought for the Day)

I was struck this week by the strong words of Britain’s most senior family judge, Sir James Munby, who called … Read more

NEW BOOK: “Numbers: The Wilderness Years”

The following is an extract from Rabbi Sacks’ new book Numbers: The Wilderness Years, the fourth and penultimate book in … Read more