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Does My Father Still Love Me? (Vayigash 5779)

It is one of the great questions we naturally ask each time we read the story of Joseph Why did he not, at some time during their twenty-two year separation, send word to his father that he was alive For part of that time – when he was a slave in Potiphar’s house, and when he was in prison – it would have been impossible But certainly he could have done so when he became the second most... Read more

The Universal and the Particular (Mikketz 5779)

  The story of Joseph is one of those rare narratives in Tanach in which a Jew (Israelite/Hebrew) comes to … Read more

Refusing Comfort, Keeping Hope (Vayeshev 5779)

The deception has taken place. Joseph has been sold into slavery. His brothers dipped his coat in blood. They bring … Read more