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Why We Value What We Make (Terumah 5778)

The behavioural economist Dan Ariely did a series of experiments on what is known as the IKEA effect, or “why we overvalue what we make” The name comes, of course, from the store that sells self-assembly furniture For practically-challenged people like me, putting an item of furniture together is usually like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle in which various pieces are missing, and others are... Read more

The Power of Empathy (Mishpatim 5778)

William Ury, founder of the Harvard Program of Negotiation, tells a marvellous story in one of his books.[1] A young … Read more

The Bond of Loyalty and Love (Yitro 5778)

In the course of any life there are moments of awe and amazement when, with a full heart, you thank … Read more