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When the “I” is Silent (Vayetse 5779)

This week’s parsha relates a powerful, primal vision of prayer: Jacob, alone and far from home, lies down for the night, with only stones for a pillow, and dreams of a ladder, with angels ascending and descending This is the initial encounter with the “house of God” that would one day become the synagogue, the first dream of a “gate of heaven” that would allow access to a God... Read more

The Courage of Persistence (Toldot 5779)

There is a strange passage in the life of Isaac, ominous in its fore- shadowing of much of later Jewish … Read more

On Judaism and Islam (Chayei Sarah 5779)

  The language of the Torah is, in Erich Auerbach’s famous phrase, “fraught with background.” Behind the events that are … Read more