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The Consolations of Mortality (Chukat 5778)

  Chukat is about mortality In it we read of the death of two of Israel’s three great leaders in the wilderness, Miriam and Aaron, and the sentence of death decreed against Moses, the greatest of them all These were devastating losses To counter that sense of loss and bereavement, the Torah employs one of Judaism’s great principles: The Holy One, blessed be He, creates the remedy... Read more

The First Populist (Korach 5778)

The story of Korach has much to teach us about one of the most disturbing phenomena of our time: the … Read more

Seeing What Isn’t There (Shelach Lecha 5778)

In Philadelphia there lives a gentle, gracious, grey-haired man, by now in his late-90s, whom Elaine and I have had … Read more