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Justice or Peace? (Yitro 5777)

The sedra of Yitro, which contains the account of the greatest Divine revelation in history, at Mount Sinai, begins on a note that is human, all too human Yitro, priest of Midian, has come to see how his son-in-law Moses and the people he leads are faring It begins by telling us what Yitro heard (the details of the exodus and its attendant miracles) It goes on to describe what Yitro saw, and... Read more
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The Power of Ruach (Beshalach 5777)

In September 2010, BBC, Reuters and other news agencies reported on a sensational scientific discovery. Researchers at US National Center … Read more

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The Necessity of Asking Questions (Bo 5777)

It is no accident that parshat Bo, the section that deals with the culminating plagues and the exodus, should turn … Read more