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Miles to Go Before I Sleep (Matot-Masei 5778)

Etre ailleurs, “To be elsewhere – the great vice of this race, its great and secret virtue, the great vocation of this people” So wrote the French poet and essayist Charles Peguy (1873-1914), a philosemite in an age of Anti-Semitism He continued: “Any crossing for them means the crossing of the desert The most comfortable houses, the best built from stones as big as the temple... Read more

The Lost Masterpiece (Pinchas 5778)

A true story that took place in 1995: It concerns the legacy of an unusual man with an unusual name: … Read more

A People that Dwells Alone (Balak 5778)

  This is an extraordinary moment in Jewish history, for good and not-so-good reasons. For the first time in almost … Read more