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Is there such a thing as Lashon Tov? (Tazria-Metsorah 5777)

The Sages understood tsara'at, the theme of this week’s parsha, not as an illness but as a miraculous public exposure of the sin of lashon hara, speaking badly about people Judaism is a sustained meditation on the power of words to heal or harm, mend or destroy Just as God created the world with words, so we create, and can destroy, relationships with words The rabbis said much... Read more
Jewish custom to look at the candlelight reflected on the fingernails. Faint wispy smoke and black background.

The Light We Make (Shemini 5777)

The great moment has come. For seven days – beginning on the 23rd Adar – Moses had consecrated Aaron and … Read more


Why Civilisations Die (Tzav 5777)

In her recent “The Watchman’s Rattle”, subtitled ‘Thinking our way out of extinction’, Rebecca Costa delivers a fascinating account of … Read more