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Improbable Endings and the Defeat of Despair (Vayeshev 5778)

 We live life looking forward but we understand it only looking backAs we live from day to day, our life can seem like a meaningless sequence of random events, a series of accidents and happenstances that have no shape or inner logic A traffic jam makes us late for an important meeting A stray remark we make offends someone in a way we never intended By a hair’s-breadth we fail to... Read more

The Struggle of Faith (Vayishlach 5778)

There are Mozarts and there are Beethovens. Which are you? I have only the most amateur knowledge of music, but … Read more

Out of the Depths (Vayetse 5778)

What did Jacob add to the Jewish experience? What is it that we find in him that we do not … Read more