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A Stiff-Necked People (Ki Tissa 5779)

  Download the accompanying Family Edition here It is a moment of the very highest drama The Israelites, a mere forty days after the greatest revelation in history, have made an idol: a Golden Calf God threatens to destroy them Moses, exemplifying to the fullest degree the character of Israel as one who “wrestles with God and man,” confronts both in turn To God, he prays for mercy for... Read more

Brothers: A Drama in Five Acts (Tetzaveh 5779)

It is interesting to note the absence of Moses from the parsha of Tetzaveh. For once Moses, the hero, the … Read more

A Portable Home (Terumah 5779)

  The parsha of Terumah describes the construction of the Tabernacle, the first collective house of worship in the history of … Read more