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Being an Inspiring Parent


Please join Rabbi Sacks as he looks at some of the ways we can be inspiring parents and really kindle the flame in our children. Over the next few weeks, thirteen short videos will be uploaded here and on our Facebook page ( We hope you will learn, as Rabbi Sacks did, from thinking about this. #InspiredParenting

Being an Inspiring Parent – Trailer

Principle 1: Give children the space to inspire us, and they will

This first video looks at how making space for our children to inspire us is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

Principle 2: Serve God in joy if you want your children to love Judaism

This second video looks at how important it is to serve God in joy if you want your children to love Judaism.

Principle 3: Lead the way, with high ethical standards

This third video examines the importance of setting an example, living a life of high ethical ideals if you want your children to do the same.

Principle 4: No need for high walls

The fourth video explores the value in giving children a strong faith in their religion



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