“The very growth of modern knowledge has come about through specialization and compartmentalisation, so that an integrated universe linking man and the cosmos is now beyond us. The more we know collectively, the less we know individually. Each of us understands very little of our world. ”
“There is little doubt that something has gone wrong among the many things that have gone right in today’s world. ”
“Creation has its own dignity as God’s masterpiece, and though we have the mandate to use it, we have non to destroy or despoil it. ”
“Within the limits of human intelligence, we can climb at least part of the way to heaven but the purpose of the climb is the return to earth, knowing that here is where God wants us to be and where he has given us work to do. ”
“The miracle of creation is that unity in heaven creates diversity on earth. ”
“The universe does not come emblazoned with its purpose. To fathom it has taken much wisdom and humility and the experience of humankind over many centuries. To express it may take music and art, ritual and celebration. But to say, ‘What is, is, for no other reason than it is,’ is to halt prematurely the human tendency to ask and never rest satisfied with the answer ‘It just is.’ Curiosity leads to science, but it also leads to questions unanswerable by science. ”