“Judaism embodies a unique paradox that has distinguished it from polytheism on the one hand and the great universal monotheisms, Christianity and Islam, on the other. Its God is universal: the creator of the universe, author and sovereign of all human life. But its covenant is particular: one people set among the nations, whose vocation is not to convert the world to its cause, but to be true to itself and to God. That juxtaposition of universality and particularity was to cause a tension between Israel and others, and within Israel itself, that has lasted to this day. ”
“Each of us carries the inescapable burden of duality, of being true to our faith while recognising the image of God in, and being a blessing to, those who are unlike us. ”
“Judaism is the particular case that exemplifies the universal rule that the world exists under the sovereignty of God, and that every person is the image of God. ”
“Judaism is structurally unique – the only world religion ever to believe in a universal God, the God of all peoples, times and places, and at the same time to believe in a particular way of life that not all people have to follow, because just as there is more than one way to be a leader, so there is more than one way to find God. ”
“The Bible argues that universalism is the first, not the last, phase in the growth of the moral imagination. ”
“We are particular and universal, the same and different ”
“The Universality of moral concern is not something we learn by being universal but by being particular. Because we know what it is to be a parent, loving our children, not children in general, we understand what it is for someone else, somewhere else, to be a parent, loving his or her children, not ours. ”
“Judaism is a particularist faith that recognises the universality of the human condition. ”
“Judaism is both particularist and universalist... Judaism is unique yet has a message for all humankind. ”
“Without negating the universal, Judaism is a celebration of particularity. ”
“The basic structure of Jewish thought is the movement from the universal to the particular. ”
“Judaism honours both the universality of the human condition and the particularity of Jewish faith. ”
“Jews have turned inward; they need to turn outward…Our uniqueness is our universality, and it is precisely by sharing our uniqueness that we enlarge the heritage of humankind. ”
“Philosophy aimed at universality – at propositions that were true in all places, at all times. But meaning is expressed in particularity. ”