“For Judaism God is to be found not in a person or a place but in words, the words of the Mosaic books, Torah in its narrow sense. Neither Moses, the greatest of the prophets, nor Sinai, the place of revelation, have intrinsic sanctity. They were the vehicles of revelation, not its embodiment. That description belongs to Torah alone. ”
“Torah is the constitution of the covenant between God and Israel. As such it is a relational concept. It involves One who proposes the covenant and those who accept it as binding; One who commands, and those who are commanded. It embodies two ideas, the giving of the Torah and the receiving of the Torah. ”
“The Torah is no mere document, but the marriage contract between heaven and a people, the terms of their relationship, their bond of trust. ”
“The Hebrew Bible, the Torah, is an unusual book. It is.. the unique endeavour to communicate the truths that can never be told as system; the truths that can only be told as story, handed on from parents to children, preserved not as a historical document but as a living memory, one that shapes the lives of successive generations as they continue to walk towards the promised land. ”
“The word Torah means teaching. God reveals Himself to mankind not in the storm, the wind, the sun, the rain, but in the voice that teaches, the words that instruct. ”
“Every Jew is an equal citizen of the republic of faith because every Jew has access to its constitutional document, the Torah, and is literate in its provisions. ”
“The story of the Jewish people, especially after the second Temple, is about one of the great love affairs of all time, the love of a people for a book, the Torah. ”