“Where other faiths, ancient and modern, saw religion as the flight from history into a world without time, Judaism saw time itself as the arena where God and mankind met. ”
“Some of Judaism’s most profound truths are to be found, not in texts but in time, in the Jewish calendar itself. ”
“Jewish time sees us as travellers on the road to a destination not yet reached; wayfarers on a journey begun by our ancestors, to be continued by our children. ”
“Jewish time is not linear but something more profound. I call it covenantal time. This is time, not as continuous advance, but as a narrative with a beginning and a distant end, in whose midst we are and whose twists and turns continue to surprise us. ”
“There are all sorts of inequalities in the world, but there’s one thing we all have equally, and that’s time itself. Whether we’re rich or poor, there are still only twenty-four hours in the day; 365 days in the year; and a span of life that’s all too short. ”