“Shabbat is the greatest tutorial in liberty ever devised. ”
“The Sabbath (in Hebrew, Shabbat) is Judaisms stillness at the heart of the turning world. ”
“The Sabbath sustains every one of Judaisms great institution. In the synagogue we re-engage with the community, praying their prayers, celebrating their joys, defining ourselves as part of the We rather than the I. Hearing and studying the Torah portion of the week, we travel back to join our ancestors at Sinai, when God spoke and gave us His written text, His marriage contract with the Jewish people. At home, I spend time - sacrosanct, undisturbed - with my family, my wife and children, and know that our marriage is sheltered under Gods tabernacle of peace. ”
“Shabbat is where a restless people rested and renewed itself. ”
“Shabbat is the day we stand still and let all our blessings catch up with us. ”
“[Shabbat] is Judaisms great messianic institution. ”
“Shabbat is not private time, but shared time, a time for sharing, not owning. ”
“The Sabbath is a weekly reminder of the integrity of nature and the boundaries of human striving. ”
“What the Sabbath does for human beings and animals, the sabbatical and jubilee years do for the land. The earth too is entitled to its periodic rest. ”
“Despite attempts of historians to trace a connection to the Babylonian calendar, the Sabbath was an unprecedented innovation. It meant that one day in seven all hierarchies of wealth and power were suspended. ”
“The Sabbath is the lived enactment of the messianic age, a world of peace in which striving and conflict are (temporarily) at an end and all creation sings a song of being to its Creator. ”