“The siddur is the map of the Jewish heart. Through its words we retrace the steps taken by countless generations of Jews as they turned from their private hopes and fears to journey towards the presence of God. ”
“Like music, prayer is a natural expression of human longing, evidence of the image of God within us all. But like music, prayer is also something we learn and inherit. One generation passes on its most powerful melodies to the next. So too Judaism has always passed on its most moving prayers to its children. We pray as our ancestors prayed, and because of this their spirit lives on in us. ”
“To thank God is to know that I do not have less because my neighbour has more. I am not less worthwhile because someone else is more successful. Through prayer I know that I am valued for what I am. I learn to cherish what I have, rather than be diminished but what I do not have. ”
“Making a blessing over life is the best way of turning life into a blessing. ”
“A blessing is an expression of the miracle of simple things. ”
“Prayer is the act of listening to God listening to us. ”
“The world we build tomorrow is born in the prayers we say today ”