“If we were completely different we could not communicate. If we were exactly alike we would have nothing to say. Politics is the art of living with difference, and how we deal with it shapes much else in our world. ”
“Politics is about power and the distribution of resources. It is not about the psychology of self-esteem or the allocation of blame. When these boundaries are blurred, the result is deeply damaging to the good group-relations on which an ethnically and religiously diverse society depends. ”
“Politics is about power, and at the heart of the Abrahamic vision is a critique of power. Power is a fundamental assault on human dignity. When I exercise power over you, I deny your freedom, and that is dangerous for both of us. ”
“Covenantal politics is a politics of new beginnings, of a people pledging themselves to one another and to the common good, a politics of ‘we, the people’. It is a politics of moral principle and collective responsibility. ”