“Power grows from the barrel of a gun but peace is born in the human heart ”
“Though war needs physical courage, peace needs moral courage, the courage to break with the past and turn enemies into friends ”
“Whenever a religion speaks of peace, it means ‘peace on our terms’. Whatever the language in which it is couched, the argument tends to take this form: ‘Our faith speaks of peace; our holy texts praise peace; therefore, if only the world shared out faith and our texts there would be peace.’ Tragically, this path does not and cannot lead to peace because it is predicated on the conversion of the world – to our religion or ideology conceived as a global truth or universal salvation. Peace thus conceived is part of the problem, not part of the solution. ”
“Isaiah spoke of utopian peace. The sages sought ways of achieving a lesser, more immediate goal, namely civil peace, cohesiveness and an absence of strife between different groups within a single society. The ‘ways of peace’ is a non-utopian programmes for peace in the imperfect world of the here-and-now. ”
“I wonder if anyone who has not known the depths of Jewish suffering through the ages can understand how deeply the desire for peace is etched in the heart of almost every Jew ”
“Power is to be used not to impose truth, but to preserve peace. ”
“Peace in the home is where world peace begins ”
“Peace in the Judaic sense will come not when all nations are conquered (as in tribalism) or converted (as in universalism) but when, under God’s sacred canopy, different nations and faiths make space for one another. ”
“Peace involves a profound crisis of identity. The boundaries of self and other, friend and foe, must be redrawn. ”
“There is a fundamental difference between the end-of-days peace of religious unity and the historical peace of compromise and coexistence. The pursuit of the former can sometimes be the most formidable enemy of the latter. ”
“We will make peace only when we learn that God loves difference and so, at last, must we. God has created many cultures, civilizations and faiths but only one world in which to live together – and it is getting smaller all the time. ”
“Judaism has a dual concept of peace: the end-of-days peace envisioned by the prophets, [and] the modern modest here-and-now peace articulated by the sages in their concept of darkhei shalom, a set of rules for friendly coexistence with those with whom you disagree. ”
“One day we will learn the lesson of peace, that war never solved any conflict in the long run; that in victory the victor too is defeated; that in conquering others we diminish ourselves; that only in and through peace do we honour the image of God that is mankind. ”
“From war, no one gains. From peace, everyone benefits. ”
“Whenever Jews pray, we end with a prayer for peace and at that point we take three steps backward. To make peace you have to make space for someone else. You have to give up a little of your dream for the sake of someone else’s dream. ”
“The single greatest mistake, and it’s been made many times in history, is to believe that peace is a zero-sum game. If I win, you lose. If I suffer, you gain. It isn’t so. The truth is the opposite. From violence both sides suffer. From peace, both sides gain. That is why no one does a service to peace by demonizing one side and making heroes of the other. Peace is a duet scored for two voices; and someone who thinks that one voice can win by drowning out the other just hasn’t understood what a duet is. ”
“Wars are won by weapons. Peace is won by words. ”