“The classic beliefs of Judaism are not merely beliefs: they are constitutive of the covenant and thus of Jewish peoplehood. Orthodoxy, faithful to those beliefs, cannot admit a pluralism that would in effect legitimate their denial, secularisation or subjectivisation ”
“As the Jewish people moved far from Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy moved in direction that took it far from the majority of the Jewish people ”
“There is no meaningful ideological sense that can be attached to phrases like right-wing, left-wing or centrist, modern or traditional Orthodoxy. For these is no unitary, permanent ideological or institutional expression of the relationship between Judaism and its contemporary environment. There are instead as many modes as there are communities and generations. ”
“The parcelling of Orthodoxy into right, left and centrist positions, or into an antinomy of modernism against traditionalism, is a symptom of the collapse of overarching structures of community and the fragmentation of Orthodox life into non-communicating organisational enclaves. The cause is social, the effect intellectual, and the loss spiritual. ”
“Attaching no significance to liberal Jews’ description of their own actions and intentions allows Orthodoxy to include individuals within the halakhic community while excluding their ideologies… But it does so by devaluing the legitimacy of any interpretation of Judaism that lies outside the parameters of traditional faith. ”