“Judaism is the truth that can only be told as a story, the truth that unfolds in the course of history, as part of the experience of a people who undertake a long journey, extended over many generations and continued by the act of passing on their memories and hopes to their children so that they never forget where they came from and where they are going.”
“The single most important challenge facing the Jewish people, in Israel and the Diaspora, is to recover the Jewish story.”
“I do not believe Jews have a monopoly of wisdom. Yet I was born a Jew, and I cannot betray the hundred generations of my ancestors who lived as Jews and were prepared to die as Jews, who handed their values on to their children, and they to theirs, so that one day their descendants might be free to live their faith without fear, and be a source of inspiration to others, not because Jews are any better than anyone else, but because that is our story, our heritage, our task, to be a source of hope against a world of despair.”