“If Jewish survival is problematic, it is because Jewish identity itself is problematic”
“Jewish identity …is not only a faith, but a fate. It is not an identity we assume, but one into which we are born.”
“The history of my family is where my identity begins”
“Jews were commanded to become the people who never forget. And they never did.”
“Pesach is the festival of Jewish identity. It is the night on which we tell our children who they are.”
“When it was hard to be a Jew, people stayed Jewish. When it became easy to be a Jew, people stopped being Jewish.”
“At some stage Jews stopped defining themselves by the reflection they saw in the eyes of God and started defining themselves by the reflection they saw in the eyes of their Gentile neighbours.”
“Jewishness is not an ethnicity but a living lexicon of ethnicities.”
“If Jews distrust the world, they will not seek to understand it and learn how to make their case and win allies in the world. They will see antisemitism where other factors are at work. They will lend Jewish identity a negativity that will encourage many young Jews to leave rather than stay. They will fall into the trap of moral solipism, of talking to themselves in terms only intelligible to themselves. The phrase a people that dwells alone will become a self-fulfilling prophecy that will not augur well for the future of Jews, Judaism or Israel.”