“Behind us lies a bloodstained history of inquisitions, crusades and jihads. But beyond that lies Genesis’ momentous disclosure that every human being – the unredeemed, the infidel, the other – is still the image of God.”
“We are not insignificant, nor are we alone. We are here because someone willed us into being, who wanted us to be, who knows our innermost thoughts, who values us in our uniqueness, whose breath we breathe and in whose arms we rest; someone in and through whom we are connected to all that is.”
“We learn to love humanity by loving specific human beings.”
“If only we remembered that, yes, God is on our side, but He is also on the other side, we might stand a chance of realizing that, under the eye of heaven we are all on the same side, the side of humanity.”
“We have conquered every distance except one – the distance between human beings”
“ We remain fallible people, all too often falling short of what we are called on to become. Yet those who followed Abraham’s call gave rise to moments of graciousness that lifted our small and insignificant species to great heights or moral, spiritual and aesthetic beauty.”
“In striving to listed to the more-than-human, human beings learned what it is to be human, for in discovering God, singular and alone, they eventually learned to respect the dignity and sanctity of the human person, singular and alone.”
“We may be dust of the earth, the debris of exploded stars, a concatenation of blindly self-replicating genes, but within us is the breath of God.”
“The search for God is the search for meaning. The discovery of God is the discovery of meaning. And that is no small thing, for we are meaning-seeking animals. It is what makes us unique. To be human is to ask the question, ‘Why?’”