“The ironic yet utterly humane lesson of history is that what renders a culture invulnerable is the compassion it shows to the vulnerable. The ultimate value we should be concerned to maximize is human dignity – the dignity of all human being, equally, as children of the creative, redeeming God.”
“More than wealth and power, education is the key to human dignity.”
“In creating humanity, God empowers humanity. He grants dignity – radical, ontological dignity – to the fact that human beings are not gods. Infinity confers a blessing on finitude by recognizing that it is finite, and love it because it is. God not only speaks, he also listens, and in listening gives humankind a voice – Abraham’s voice.”
“The Bible radicalizes the human spirit with its vision of human dignity.”
“There is no greater defence of human dignity than the phrase from the first chapter of the Bible that dared to call the human being ‘the image of God’.”