“Despair is not a Jewish emotion. Od lo avda tikvatenu: our hope, we say, has never been destroyed. For there is a Jewish way of telling the story of our situation… What happens is not chance but a chapter in the complex script of the covenant which leads, mysteriously but assuredly, to our redemption. Crisis in Jewish history has always led to renewal, not despair. So it must be now.”
“Humour is first cousin to hope.”
“Hope is the ability to combine aspiration with patience; to be undeterred by setbacks and delays; to have a sense of the time it takes to effect change in the human heart; never to forget the destination even in the midst of exile and disaster.”
“Hope is the narrow bridge across which we must walk if we are to pass from slavery to redemption, from the valley of death to the open spaces of new life.”
“History does not give rise to hope; hope gives rise to history.”
“Far from being simple or naïve, hope demands, creates and is the expression of indomitable moral courage.”
“Hope is ultimately a religious emotion. It is born in the conviction that we are more than a bling concatenation of ‘selfish genes’. That may be one way of describing what we are, but it is not all we are, and to believe otherwise is to be deaf to the music of life itself.”
“The Jewish way is to rescue hope from tragedy. However dark the world, love still heals. Goodness still redeems. Terror, by defeating others, ultimately defeats itself, while the memory of those who offered kindness to strangers lives on.”