“In the beginning, God created the world. Thereafter He entrusted us to create a human world which will be, in the structures of our common life, a home for the Divine presence. That command still addresses us with its momentous challenge, the persisting call of faith.”
“In the beginning God created the world as a home for humanity. Since then He has challenged humanity to create a world that will be a home for Him. God lives wherever we treat one another as beings in His image.”
“It is easy for an infinite creator to make a home for humanity. It is hard for us to make a home for God. That is why making the sanctuary takes up so much more space in the narrative than the birth of the universe.”
“The greatest challenge as Judaism has seen it is not to ascend from earth to heaven through the journey of the soul, but to bring the Divine presence from heaven to earth and share it with others.”
“More than the Bible is interested in the home God made for man, it is concerned with the home man makes for God”
“God lives in the room we make for him in the human heart”
“Creating the universe, God made a home for human beings. Making the sanctuary, human beings made a home for God.”
“God lives wherever we open our eyes to his radiance, our hearts to his transforming love.”