“To live and bear witness to their suffering, to live and give meaning to their suffering is a command by which all post-holocaust Jews stand bound.”
“We have not yet learned how to integrate the holocaust into Jewish consciousness as we once integrated the exodus or the destruction of the Temples. The reason is clear. The holocaust does not point anywhere but everywhere.”
“If Jews were condemned to die together, shall we not struggle to find a way to live together?”
“The attempt to eliminate the people of God was an attempt to eradicate the presence of God from the human situation. The fact that after Auschwitz the Jewish people still lives and can still affirm its faith is the most powerful testimony that God still lives.”
“Rather than engaging in theological reflection on the Holocaust, the survivors of the Chassidic and yeshiva communities of Eastern Europe concentrated on having children to replace a lost generation and rebuilding their shattered townships and institutions in Israel and America, as if to say that death is redeemed only in new life.”
“The Holocaust raised in its most acute form the question of the interpretation of suffering. But the founding of the state of Israel in 1948 raised the no less intractable question of the interpretation of redemption.”
“Precisely because the Final Solution was addressed to the biological, not the theological, community of Jews, it reinforced the traditional understanding of keneset yisrael as a community of birth, not faith alone. If the covenant of hate did not distinguish between religious and secular Jews, believers and heretics, neither can its only possible redemption, the covenant of love.”
“If you were to ask what our response to the Holocaust should be, I would say this: Marry and have children, bring new Jewish life into the world, build schools, make communities, have faith in God who had faith in man and make sure that His voice is heard wherever evil threatens. Pursue justice, defend the defenceless, have the courage to be different and fight for the dignity of difference. Recognize the image of God in others, and defeat hate with love. Twice a year, on Yom ha-Shoah and the Ninth of Av, sit and mourn for those who died and remember them in your prayer. But most of all, continue to live as Jews.”