“Creation testifies not merely to God’s power but also, as it were, to His belief in mankind. At the heart of religion is not just the faith we have in God. No less significant is the faith God has in us.”
“Jewish faith is not about believing the world to be other than it is. It is not about ignoring evil, the darkness and the pain. It is about courage, endurance and the capacity to hold fast to ideals even when they are ignored by others. It is the ability to see the world for what it is and yet still believe that it could be different.”
“Behind the ethic of responsibility is the daring idea that more than we have faith in God, God has faith in us.”
“Having faith in God means having faith in other people, and the measure of our righteousness lies in how many people we value, not in how many we condemn.”
“There is no faith humans can have in God equal to the faith God must have in humankind to place us here as guardians of the vastness and splendour of the universe. We exist because of God’s faith in us.”