“Most conflicts and wars have nothing to do with religion. They are about power, territory, and glory, things that are secular, even profane. But if religion can be enlisted, it will be.”
“I remain convinced that, in many conflict zones throughout the world, if religion does not become part of the solution, it will be part of the problem. We have not yet learned what it is for religion to be a force for peace… Faith persists. So does religious conflict. In the short term, wars are won by weapons; in the long run, by ideas. We need new ideas about what it means to honour human difference while at the same time renewing the global covenant of mankind.”
“Religious believers cannot stand aside when people are murdered in the name of God or a sacred cause. When religion is invoked as a justification for conflict, religious voices must be raised in protest. We must withhold the robe of sanctity when it is sought as a cloak for violence and bloodshed. If faith is enlisted in the cause of war, there must be an equal and opposite counter-voice in the name of peace. If religion is not part of the solution, it will certainly be part of the problem”
“One belief, more than any other is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideas. It is the belief that those who do not share my faith – or my race or my ideology – do not share my humanity.”
“The new media have the power to defeat most forms of conflict resolution. They are themselves vehicles of conflict creation and conflict intensification.”