“To ask is to believe that somewhere there is an answer...we ask not because we doubt but because we believe.”
“Education means teaching a child to be curious, to wonder, to reflect, to enquire. The child who asks becomes a partner in the learning process, an active recipient. To ask is to grow. ”
“In Judaism, to be without questions is not a sign of faith, but a lack of depth.”
“To ask is to grow.”
“Questioning is at the heart of Jewish spirituality.”
“To ask is to believe that somewhere there is an answer. The fact that throughout history people have devoted their lives to extending the frontiers of knowledge is a compelling testimony to the restlessness of the human spirit and its constant desire to go further, higher, deeper. Far from faith excluding questions, questions testify to faith – that history is not random, that the universe is not impervious to our understand, that what happens to us is not blind chance. We ask, not because we doubt, but because we believe. ”
“To be a Jewish child is to learn how to question.”
“The responsible life is one that responds. In the theological sense it means that God is the question to which our lives are an answer.”