Welcome to the Student’s page for ‘Ten Paths to God’, our new 10-unit curriculum on Judaism and Jewish identity based on traditional sources and the teachings of Rabbi Sacks. Please click on the various units below, each one contains an opening video, together with Student guides at entry and advanced levels. To be kept informed as future units are released over the coming weeks, please join the bespoke mailing list by filling in your details using the online form at the bottom of this page.

If you want to download the entire curriculum in a single document, please click on the following links: (1) Student Guide / Entry Level; or (2) Student Level / Advanced Level.

Ten Paths to God | Introduction

The Way of Identity: On Being a Jew | Unit 1

The Way of Prayer: Speaking to God | Unit 2

The Way of Study: Listening to God | Unit 3

The Way of Mitzvot: Responding to God | Unit 4

The Way of Tzedakah: Love as Justice | Unit 5

The Way of Chessed: Love as Compassion | Unit 6

The Way of Faith: Love as Loyalty | Unit 7

The Way of Israel: The Jewish Land | Unit 8

The Way of Kiddush Hashem: The Jewish Task | Unit 9

The Way of Responsibility: The Jewish Future | Unit 10

Why I am a Jew | Epilogue


About Dr. Daniel Rose

The ‘Ten Paths To God’ curriculum has been compiled by Dr. Daniel Rose, a British born Jewish educator and educational consultant, living in Modi’in with his wife and five children. He has a background in informal Jewish education, taking leadership roles with Bnei Akiva in the UK, and in formal education in day schools in the UK, the US, and various gap year programs in Israel. He is also an experienced curriculum developer for various educational agencies, including the Lookstein Center, Bar Ilan. As Director of Educational Projects for Koren Publishers, Daniel was series editor and core contributor to the Koren Magerman Educational Siddurim series, which are used by day schools and shuls all around the world. Daniel earned degrees in Jewish studies and Religious Education from Jews’ College and the Institute of Education, London University, and earned his Ph.D in education from the Melton Center, Hebrew University.

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The ‘Ten Paths to God’ curriculum project has been generously sponsored in honour of Chaim (Harry) and Anna Schimmel.