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Share your thoughts about Rabbi Sacks zt”l


We would like to encourage anyone who wishes to share messages of comfort, stories, video reflections, or photographs with the Sacks family, to do so by sending them to (unless you have already sent this in to our main inbox,, in which case we have gratefully received them and they do not need to be resent).

We are also collecting photographs of Rabbi Sacks zt”l. Please send us your pictures*, particularly if Rabbi Sacks zt”l visited your organisation or synagogue, or you had your photo taken with him as part of a group. Please send them to (putting “PHOTO” in the subject line) or tweet them to @RabbiSacks.


  • * We will be looking to use some of these photographs around the Shloshim and/or on our website. Please therefore only send them in if you are happy for us to use them in this way. Thank you.

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