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Rabbi Sacks is interviewed by First Things


In October 2015, Rabbi Sacks discussed his new book, Not In God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence, with First Things – America’s leading journal on religion and public life. The standard conception of episodes of religious violence, namely, that extremist faith leads to fanatical aggression, is mistaken, he argues. The horrors we have witnessed have other sources, mainly sibling rivalry (broadly conceived), which, though often expressed through religious differences, can be reconciled through religious instruction. For Rabbi Sacks, our clearest way out of conflict is through the lessons of the Book of Genesis, particularly in the stories of sibling tension. Religious fervor is not going to disappear—that’s a secularist fantasy, he says. On the contrary, the 21st century shall witness a ‘de-secularization of society,’ and instead of regarding the decline of religious faith as the answer to violence, we should return to the sources of faith for solutions. Please watch the video below to join us for this powerful discussion.