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Covenant & Conversation: A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible

Genesis - The Book of Beginnings

The Torah is an encounter between past and present, moment and eternity, that frames Jewish consciousness. In this first volume of a five-volume collection of parashat hashavua, Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks explores these intersections as they relate to universal concerns of freedom, love, responsibility, identity and destiny. Rabbi Sacks fuses Jewish tradition, Western philosophy and literature to present a highly developed understanding of the human condition under God s sovereignty. Erudite and eloquent, Covenant & Conversation allows us to experience Rabbi Sacks’ sophisticated approach to life lived in an ongoing dialogue with the Torah. Winner of the National Jewish Book Award, 2009.


Covenant & Conversation is not just another book on the Parasha. It is an intellectual and philosophical journey through the underpinnings of our faith and the origins of our people. The essays based on the weekly Torah portion are challenging, thought provoking, and relevant. Rabbi Sacks has a unique ability to impart to his audience an authentic appreciation for the breadth and depth of the wisdom of our Torah. –Rabbi Steven Weil, Orthodox Union

Sacks is both a great scholar and a great communicator, and he has done a superb job in crafting commentary than is at the same time erudite and accessible to the average reader…Sacks calls on the wisdom of ancient commentators and modern scholars alike as he takes readers on their weekly journey through the Torah. –The Jewish Standard

…a compilation of masterful derashot by Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks on the parashiyot in Be-Reshit, both relating them to life and relating life to the Torah. –Kol HaMevaser, The Jewish Thought Magazine of Yeshiva University