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Rabbi Sacks and The Forever Project


Dear Friends,

On Pesach, our children opened the Seder service by asking four big questions about Judaism and Jewish identity. Now, I want you to ask a lot more.

Let me explain… Together with The Forever Project, and with the support of our friends at Maimonides Fund, we are working on a unique digital project that will enable me to connect with people across the world in real-time.

Using exclusively pre-recorded high definition video, and through the wonders of voice recognition software, we are going to create an online, interactive experience that will allow you to ask questions and have a conversation with me, from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, anytime, anywhere in the world.

But I need your help.

What are the big and burning questions that relate to your lives and your faith? No question is too big or too small!

Perhaps you have questions about Jewish identity in the 21st century or about Judaism itself and its place in the modern world? Or about faith or spirituality, ethics or the relationship between religion and science, theology or morality? Or you are interested in Judaism’s approach to the environment, democracy, interfaith relations or Jewish history? Or perhaps you wish to know how best to live a good and meaningful life?

(Just one thing: For this project, I won’t be answering questions regarding specific issues of Jewish law – halacha – because I believe these require the in-depth knowledge of local Rabbis and Rabbinic judges.)

So whatever it is, please click on the button below to submit your questions via a webform or tweet them to @RabbiSacks using the hashtag #AskRabbiSacks.

Click here to ask me your question!

I hope you see this as an opportunity to be part of something quite special. And I really appreciate you taking the time to share your questions with me.

Finally, and as we face the next challenging few months, I wish you and your family only blessings and best wishes.