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Rabbi Sacks launches a new series of whiteboard animations videos focused on some of the key challenges of the 21st century


Following on from the success of his videos on Jewish identity, the BDS movement, and the mutation of antisemitism, Rabbi Sacks has launched a new six-part whiteboard animation video series. Each video, being released periodically during the coming year, will focus on some of the key themes of Rabbi Sacks’ work over the past three decades which are connected to many of the key challenges facing our global society today.

In the first video, based on his book called ‘The Politics of Hope’ published in 1997, Rabbi Sacks analyses the rise of the ‘politics of anger’ in the West today and explores whether it might be possible to create a different kind of politics: the ‘politics of hope’. This video has been released today on Rabbi Sacks’ website and across his various social media channels. The video includes subtitles in: Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Future videos will focus on (though not necessarily in this order): the dignity of difference, integrated diversity, the relationship between religion and science, understanding and confronting religious violence, and the ethics of responsibility.

Rabbi Sacks said:

“Too often in recent years, the West has been preoccupied with the idea of power as opposed to the power of ideas. Throughout my life, I have been excited and inspired by ideas, and this is a challenge I have set myself and my team: how can we continue to present ideas – whether they are particular to Jews and Judaism or more universalistic in their appeal – in the most engaging and appealing ways. The whiteboard animation technique is one we have found to be a wonderful way of presenting concepts and ideas, particularly in an age of social media. I hope that this series will highlight some of the ideas I have thought most deeply about over the past 30 years, and present them to a new and younger generation in a dynamic and inspiring way.”

Notes to editor:

The first video in this new series is called ‘The Politics of Hope’. It is available to watch online at and on Rabbi Sacks’ Facebook page (, on Twitter (@RabbiSacks) and YouTube channel ( A transcript of the video is also available on Rabbi Sacks’ website at the address above.

For further details, please contact Dan Sacker on or +44(0)20 7286 6391.

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